Hot Weather - Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool

With the temperature soaring across the UK, I thought now was a good time to address the best ways of cooling your dogs down. The risk of your dog overheating can become a real possibility as it can happen quickly and in some cases it can be fatal.

Dogs unlike us can't sweat through their skin to cool themselves down, the main method they use to cool down is panting. So keep an eye out for symptoms of overheating such as excessive panting, dribbling or collapsing.

Some good ways to keep your dog cool and prevent overheating are:

* Ensure they always have access to cool, fresh water. * Cool down their pads, nose or tummy with water and allow a breeze to assist in cooling them down. * Be careful on how hot the pavement is when walking your dog, their pads are sensitive. Either shorten your walk, walk on cooler surfaces such as grass or even better, go for a swim to cool down! * Find some shade and make sure your dog has somewhere to escape the heat of the sun * Never leave your dog in a hot car, the temperatures can increase dramatically in a vehicle and it can quickly develop fatal heatstroke. It is classed as an emergency. * Make cooling treats or place teething toys in the freezer.

Hopefully those are a few suggestions to help you keep your dog cool this summer, the only thing left now is to find yourself a cool drink and sunhat! :)

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