Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge in anatomy, biomechanics, injury prevention and posture and are therefore the ideal professionals to identify asymmetries and initiate treatment to correct them, whether you are stood on land or mounted on your horse. Your pain or postural dysfunction will not only affect your riding but can also influence the way your horse performs. Physiotherapy aims to address pain and postural assymetries to improve your strength and balance when in the saddle and ultimately improve your riding and performance.

Common Problems for Riders:

  • Postural asymmetry

  • Uneven contact

  • Unable to maintain even leg contact

  • Unable to maintain correct alignment when seated in the saddle

  • Excessive head, trunk or leg movement when riding

  • Joint and muscle stiffness or pain

  • Pre-exisiting musculoskeletal injury or injury following a fall

  • Poor flexibility, strength and stability - especially core strength

  • Poor riding fitness

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